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Participation on 31st CJKT Auto-ID Workshop

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November 18, 2023

Prof. Shuo-Yan Chou (NTUST), Prof. Sy-Yen Kuo (NTU), Prof. Hsin-Chin Liu (NTUST), and Prof. Yu-Ling Hsu (NTU), along with a student representative, participated in the 31st Auto-ID LABS ASIA Workshop. Hosted by KAIST, this event took place at the Haeundae YMParade Hotel in Busan, South Korea, from November 17-18, 2023. As part of a bi-annual collaborative effort among universities such as Fudan University in China, Keio University in Japan, KAIST in Korea, and NTUST in Taiwan, the workshop served as a forum for discussing advancements in IoT, machine learning, blockchain technology, and their contributions to sustainability.

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